Additions by Potcher Construction

When doing additions, it is very important to have a creative designer to help you create your addition so that it compliments the existing structure of your building. This requires a very keen eye for detail to make sure everything ties together properly. Somebody professional who is willing to spend time with you and go over the many options available today in the construction field. We sit down with people and discuss the various options they have for their addition. People are much more educated today and often know what they would like, but we possess the experience to help them achieve these desires.

Customers usually like an addition to match an existing part of their house. Potcher construction has the expertise and experience in all facets of the construction project to make this happen. We know all about details like exterior finishes (wood, stone, brick, stucco, vinyl, and other finishes). Even with stucco, many donít know the options available. For example drivit is a particular brand of stucco. Their system has foam buildup with an R-value for insulation and many options for creating different raised decorative trims and such which can achieve desired effects in a project. Just one of the many options to consider. Potcher Construction can also help customers with other important considerations that tie in with these details such as cost considerations and also advise on how to meet goals within a desired budget.

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