Renovations and Remodeling

Renovations and Remodeling by Potcher Construction

It is very important to have a contractor experienced with renovations and remodeling knowing the possible unforeseen issues and the sensitive timetables involved when doing these projects. Doing renovations or remodeling is much different than doing new construction because of the following factors.

It is important that the contractor has a good idea of what to expect during the demolition stage of a project and also the experience in repairing any water damage or structural deficiencies. The contractor must tie in the demolition of the renovating section with the existing structure. Renovations must be done within a comfortable timeframe. It is often required that the contractor work around the customer and their needs. This often means working on the customers property without causing too much of a disturbance and working around the customer while they are occupying the available space on the property.

There are also aesthetic considerations that must be taken into account on a renovation/remodeling project. Often it is necessary to have an eye for detail to either tie the renovation in with the existing struction or to completely change the architectural setting of the project area. We have done numerous commercial and residential projects over the years, both large and small scale, accomplishing both of these ends. Please ask us about your renovation or remodling project today, so we can lend our expertise to you construction project.

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